Maybe the accidental fall of an unreasonable apple on the scientific head of Newton was a premature event for science!?

 Hydrodynamic model of cosmic expanses.

V. G. Fedin

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A fabulous event has disappeared from the proposed model of the Universe, in the form of an initial explosion organized by some mystical saboteurs for unknown purposes.

What is the cosmos and how does it live?


As it turned out, humanity exists on continents surrounded by water oceans, not only in the air. It is located inside a more powerful "Ethereal World Ocean" and not knowing its laws makes humanity a defenseless splinter in the turbulent waves of ethereal streams. We absolutely do not feel the influence of the "Ethereal World Ocean", since our solar system was lucky to get into a calm laminar ethereal stream. But as soon as the nature of the wave of the ether stream changes from the external conditions of the cosmos, i.e. the serene laminar flow is transformed into a restless turbulent ethereal flow, the consequences for all living and inanimate things on Earth may become unpredictable.

What is gravity?


 Canceled gravity. In the new model, the attraction between the bodies occurs when the ether flows between them. The new model introduced the concept of "attraction" instead of gravity. Attraction is not a property of material bodies — it is the action of a living, eternally bubbling "Etheric World Ocean" on material bodies.

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A new model of the universe that cancels gravity and time-space paradoxes!!!

The ridiculous interweaving of space with time in the form of a space-time continuum has gone into oblivion, and finally the elusive and always "hungry" black holes have disappeared. The result is a model where there is no gravity and paradoxes, where space is isotropic and time is uniform and irreversible, where the velocities of material bodies are not limited by anything, and most importantly, the model can now simply be explained to every cook without leaving her workplace.